Don’t blink your eyes, it’s already late Autumn!

It’s only 40 degrees this morning. We seriously had 3 months of Spring plus Summer this year. Autumn is beautiful but I don’t like the Winter coming too soon. Is Christmas coming soon too?! We need something cheerful 🙏🎉🌈

Two photos taken from my walk.

Frozen Treats anyone?

Ah, It’s autumn already. I guess it’s a little late for this post. It took me a week to finish these paintings. But hey never too late for frozen treats LOL 😝

Got inspiration from

And the USPS first set of scratch and sniff Stamps. Enjoy 😉

Turkey Prank

I was finally on the trail today since March. It was so good to be in the nature. So good to sweat! And…it was So funny to see a Turkey right there up the hill. Okay taking a picture for sure. I took my phone out and thought we must scared the turkey because she/he was frozen. Didn’t even move! Like a sculpture? Yes? … As I finished taking the photos and walked towards the turkey… OMG! What a joke?! It’s a cardboard Turkey! LOL That certainly made my day!

Autumn Country Walk

It’s a beautiful Autumn day 

Let’s go outside!!



What is Aubergine Jamie?! I saw you use eggplant hahaha

I learnt something new from Jamie Oliver ‘s Ultimate Veg last night. Brits call eggplant Aubergine! So I googled. There are 15 things Americans and Brits don’t agree on. Haha so I don’t have to agree on either of them either. 

It’s really fun to watch Ultimate Veg. I love fast paced cooking show. So satisfying both on eyes and ears but too bad not mouth and stomach. Still so good! ‘No more boring veggies! No way!’


Just love lilac! That color, that fragrance…

So long…

By the window, working. Perfect day!


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